Bay Area Medical strives to provide quality health care for all of our Patients. We want you to be reassured and comfortable with both our Office and Staff.

We would like to be your Family and Specialty Physicians. We work diligently to make our Office and Practice one that you can be proud of, one that you feel positive about. Your Health Care is important to us and we want to make your visit simple and easy. Our Clinic is here to meet your needs and provide you with high-quality healthcare. We want to meet the standards you have come to expect, and in an environment of dignity and respect.

We also want to provide a physical setting and environment that is pleasing, attractive and comfortable. We know that it is difficult when you are sick, or when the years have taken their toll. That is why we want to maintain an office facility that is clean and inviting.

We hope that your visit to the Doctor is pleasant, comfortable, helpful and worry free.

Always let us know your concerns about our Facility and Staff. Please ask for our Patient Satisfaction Survey.

Preparing for Your Office Visit

To help assist us in making your appointment more enjoyable, here are some simple guidelines that you can follow.

Always call ahead for an appointment. Before your appointment, verify coverage with your Insurance Company, and ask your Insurance Company if we are on your plan. Please bring your Insurance information with you to the appointment, and all of the medications that you take. Also, remember to wear comfortable loose fitting clothes, and comfortable shoes. Please avoid wearing perfume, cologne and scented creams and remember to fast if you are having blood work. When you arrive at the Clinic, please sign in so that we can start helping you.

If you are at the Hospital Emergency Department, identify yourself as one of our Patients. Dr. Handelman will care for you in the Hospital.

If you have a living will or a Durable Power of Attorney, we request you bring these. If you do not have these documents, ask us and we will provide them for you.

Finally, let us know your concerns, and let your friends and neighbors know about us.

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